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Our working groups and commissions

The work of the DGRW is largely determined by the work of its commissions and working groups. Currently, there are four commissions and seven working groups active.

On the comissions‘ and working groups‘ webpages you can find out more about their goals, work and results. Are you interested in participating in the commissions and working groups? Please contact the spokesperson or the office.


In addition to the DGRW’s own events, we give you an overview of upcoming events with rehabilitation science content

Would you like to advertise your own event? Then please contact the office.

Publications of the DGRW

The DGRW and its managing board are involved in the writing of relevant statements on current rehabilitation science issues. In addition, the commissions and working groups regularly publish positions and expertise on rehabilitation science topics.

In our database you will find the collected publications of the DGRW and, more specificially, of the commissions and working groups of the DGRW. You can search for documents by keyword or by author and find some of them as full texts.

Research & Promotion

The DGRWs‘ goal is to encourage research programs in the field of rehabilitation sciences and to promote young scientists. This includes the participation in the annual awarding of the rehabilitation science prize of the Illa and Werner Zarnekow Foundation.

current research awards

Zarnekow advancement award
The Zarnekow Prize for Rehabilitation Research was founded in 2001 by the Illa and Werner Zarnekow Foundation for German Science


The German Society for Rehabilitation Sciences (DGRW e.V.) considers itself as a non-profit, multi-professional and interdisciplinary association of scientists from different fields of work and topics in rehabilitation, which feels obliged to independent scientific knowledge.

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